Advocacy is the principal work of Fr. Ben’s priestly ministry and includes, among many things – writing, media, speaking - educating and informing audiences about the widespread assault on Christians which is, according to Pope Francis, worse than at any time since the first centuries of the Church.

Advocacy work includes working with governmental organisations and others of goodwill who are seeking to help the suffering Church. In particular, Nasarean.org has developed a very positive relationship with the government of Hungary, the only nation in the world with a specific government Ministry for Persecuted Christians.

Advocacy work also includes working for Persecuted Christians to receive priority for immigration as victims of Genocide. Father Ben has visited Iraq on multiple occasions since early 2015 and is working hard to establish relationships in Syria.

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Initially through donations and the Arabic “N” or “Nun” materials, Nasarean.org supported the feeding and housing of the numerous Christians refugees in Iraq and Syria. The Arabic “N” material, first launched by Nasarean.org in September, 2014 and copied by many – are still an important sign of solidarity with Persecuted Christians and our products continue to help them.

Nasarean.org’s unique role in aiding persecuted Christians to stay in their countries is supporting and encouraging mini micro-financing to create small businesses – what we call “Project Jonah” - to help families rebuild their lives, feel empowered, and break the culture of dependency. Without job creation, Christian families have no future in their ancient homes – and Nasarean.org’s “small is beautiful” philosophy (it takes only around $3,000 - $5,000 to create a start up in Iraq) is one of the very few organisations addressing job creation.

In the last six years since we started, we have helped families driven out by ISIS in both Iraq and Syria who have returned to their homes to start small family businesses. These include in Iraq a taxi business, a cake/bakery shop, a small furniture business, a chicken farm and a shop for women’s goods. In Syria - specifically in Damascus, we have been able to help several families start small food and vegetable shops. We have just begun helping some small businesses in Beirut, Lebanon, including a gym and a bakery and we are looking at expanding very soon.

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Our Lady of Aradin Prayer Cards

With your donation of $7.50, you will receive a free gift pack of 10 prayer cards. The icon of Our Lady of Aradin, shrined in New York, is pictured on the front and a prayer for the persecuted written by Fr. Ben is on the back.

Nasarean prayer card front
Nasarean prayer card front